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The Hazards Clothes Dryers Pose
Do you know what’s a common cause of house fires? People would think of the usual suspects - smoking in bed, cooking left unattended on the stovetop or oven, frayed wiring or overheated Christmas lights on trees. A big and often unexpected surprise is it’s not any of the above - it’s clogged dryer vents!

Here’s how a clogged dryer vent is like a ticking time bomb: 

Lint Builds Up In The Dryer Vent Pipe
The Lint Causes Reduced Airflow Through The Partially Clogged Pipe
Hot Air Gets Trapped In The Pipe
The Trapped Lint Begins Baking
Then It Ignites

If you don’t believe it happens because you’re pretty diligent about cleaning out your lint trap, just look in back of your dryer and you will see lint on the floor and floating around the vent pipe. 

The components of a fire is already there - extreme heat, some oxygen and a highly combustible fuel (lint). In short, an accident waiting to happen. Firefighters recommend a yearly cleaning of your dryer vents. And for a job that takes just a little over an hour and cost as little as $100 dollars, you buy yourself some peace of mind. 

How we Clean Your Clothe Dryer Exhaust Ducts
The key to cleaning the dryer vent properly is being thorough and having the right equipment.

1. We use specialized brushes that spin, loosen, and remove the lint, dust and debris. We use the spinning brush, which is the same size as the vent, up and down the entire length of the vent

2. We will also vacuum and clean the entire length of the vent. We use an industrial vacuum to do this for maximum vacuum power.

  3. We use airflow analysis before and after the cleaning to ensure your dryer vent is completely clean and your dryer will operate at its optimum capacity. This means we measure the airflow pressure coming out of the vent after cleaning to be sure it is working at peak performance.

The entire cleaning process usually takes about an hour. Sometimes it might take slightly longer depending upon the accessibility of your dryer vent. Dryer vents on a second floor that snake through the attic and or walls with multiple bends take slightly longer and require a little more complex cleaning process.

And, just like those smell-good plumbers, we pride ourselves on leaving your house as clean and neat as it was when we got there.
Open Mon-Sun  8AM to 6PM


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