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Lint build up in a garage
All of this lint from one dryer vent
Befpre and after dryer vent cleaning
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Pictures of Our Work

Exhaust duct with lint
Lint removed from a residential dryer vent
A newly cleaned dryer duct
Dryer vent with 6 six years of lint build up
This customer reported a burning smell when the dryer was running. After we cleaned it September 30, 2015, no more smell
Lint buildup in a vent pipe at the wall connection. This can pose a serious fire hazard
We found a plastic Transition Duct that posed a serious fire hazard. We changed this out with a metal duct which was UL rated and fire safe.
We find dryer vents in the strangest places.. this one went under the house and came out under the slab. (Nov 2015)
All of this lint was from a residential dryer duct! We love reducing fire hazards everyday! (December 3, 2015)
This is how flow is restricted from a dirty dryer vent. We took care of it. Feb 17 2016. Riverside, Ca
Six years of lint buildup in a dryer vent.
This vent was so clogged the lint was backing up into the dryer exhaust duct. This creates an extreme fire hazard!
This is not good. Debris backing up into dryer exhaust. We clean the entire airflow path in the dryer. (May 2016)
November 14, 2015. Ah much better... this what we like to see when we are done... 192 cubic feet per minute airflow = happy dryer!
Clogged dryer duct - a fire hazard
Dangerous transition duct made of plastic
All of this lint from one dryer vent
All of this lint from one dryer vent...
April 14, 2016
Clothes Dryer Burning Smell From Clogged Vent
Before and after Clogged Vent
Debris Backing Up Ito Dryer Exhaust
dryer Clogged Vent Under The house
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Open Mon-Sun  8AM to 6PM
Lint build up in a garage
We found this inside a garage yesterday. Not only did it violate building codes but it posed a severe fire hazard.
- July 30,2016
This is what we found when we arrived at a customer's house who had their duct cleaned by another local company one week ago!

We found this in a condo in Palm Springs today. No wonder the dryer wasn't working...
After dryer vent cleaning - you can see the light and it is nice and clean!
We found this on a service call - a completely clogged dryer vent termination. 

November 17, 2016
Our trusty equipment doing work to clear the duct

January 19, 2017
roof termnation murrieta
January 27 2015 Second story roof termination in Murrieta
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