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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How Long Will It Take?
Typical Dryer Vent Cleaning, when there are no complications, takes about an hour.

Q: How Can I Tell If The Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?
An easy symptom is if it takes longer and longer to dry a load of clothing, especially heavy items, such as towels and jeans.

Another symptom might be that the dryer itself feels hotter than usual. Clothes might also be very hot and still damp at the end of the cycle.

You might also notice that airflow in the vent seems low. If there is an outdoor flapper on vent hood, you can tell there is low airflow if the outdoor flapper remains closed when the dryer is on.

Or, a final clue might be that there is no lint on the lint screen. This usually indicates the exhaust system is clogged.

Q: Why Is Vent Cleaning So Important?
A dirty or badly installed vent can be a serious fire hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that dryers are associated with 15,600 fires each year.

Annual cleaning will reduce the amount of time it takes to dry a load. It will save you time and money.
If your dryer vent is clogged with lint, bird nest, or other debris, your drying cycle will increase and can cause your dryer to overheat.

Q: How Often Do Vents Need Cleaning?
Most Dryer Vents should be cleaned at least once a year. Some dryer ducts require more attention. It depends on many factors:
  • How many people are using the dryer
  • If you have pets that shed hair
  • If your dryer vent is long and/or has several turns in it.
  • If your dryer vent exit point is on the roof or/and most of the vent length is in vertical position.

Q: How Do You Clean The Dryer Vent?
We use specialized brushes that spin, loosen, and remove the lint, dust and debris.  We will also vacuum and clean the entire length of the vent. We use airflow analysis before and after the cleaning to ensure your dryer vent is completely clean and your dryer will operate at its optimum capacity.

Q: My Dryer Does Not Seem To Dry My Clothes That Well. Am I In Need Of A New Dryer?
Not necessarily. Clogged dryer ducts or improperly installed ducts will prevent your dryer from efficiently drying your clothes. Consider calling us before purchasing a new dryer. Many folks purchase new dryers when the problem is really the venting.  If this is the case, the new dryer still doesn’t dry the clothes, and they end up calling us to have their ducts cleaned anyway. We suggest having your ducts cleaned first.

Q: I am going To Buy A New Dryer, So I Don’t Really Need To Worry About Having My Vent Cleaned, Right?
During a new dryer purchase, it is a perfect time for a visit from one of our trained service professionals to inspect and clean your vent so that your new dryer can operate at maximum efficiency. Some of the newer dryers are designed to shut down when the dryer duct does not allow proper air flow for the dryer to work safely and efficiently. This is a safety feature and can only be fixed by giving the dryer adequate airflow through the dryer duct.

Call Us Now To Schedule An Appointment
Open Mon-Sun  8AM to 6PM
Call Us Now To Schedule An Appointment
Open Mon-Sun  8AM to 6PM

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