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Why should you use us to clean your clothes dryer vent?

First, as a company, dryer vent cleaning is ALL we do.  Why is this important? 
  • We will not try to upsell you on additional services we say you need.  Companies that also repair washing machines or service air conditioners, as an example, will try to sell you on these services once they get in to your home,  We do not do this, because dryer vent cleaning is the only thing we do.

Second, because dryer duct cleaning is the only thing we do, 
  • We are experts at it.  We unclog and clean dryer vents day in and day out, and are fast, efficient, and experienced.  
  • The price we quote you is the price you get.   

Finally, we are passionate about the necessity of keeping your dryer vent clean and unclogged for safety reasons.  Keeping your clothes dryer venting system clean is a key component to improving fire safety for you and your family. 
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The Hazards Clothes Dryers Pose
The most common cause of house fires is clogged clothes dryer vents; not smoking in bed, not cooking, not frayed electrical wires or Christmas trees, as people might guess. Over 15,000 house fires a year are caused by clogged clothes dryer vents.  A family's dreams and memories destroyed in minutes.  

Here is how it happens - pretty simple when you think about it. Lint builds up in the clothes dryer vent ducts. If you don’t believe it happens, just look in back of your dryer and you will see lint on the floor and floating around the vent pipe.

Lint Builds Up In The Dryer Vent Pipe
The Lint Causes Reduced Airflow Through The Partially Clogged Pipe
Hot Air Gets Trapped In The Pipe
The Trapped Lint Begins Baking
Then It Ignites

All it takes for a fire is extreme heat, some oxygen, and easily flammable fuel (lint). And the sad thing is, it is so preventable. Firefighters recommend cleaning your clothes dryer vents once a year. Normally, it takes about an hour, and costs a little over $100. Well worth it for peace of mind.

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